"If you’re looking for a resource to help strengthen your devotional life, here it is! Mike Breen teaches with rich Biblical depth, compelling cultural insight, and offers powerful application to our everyday lives. Most important of all Mike inspires and equips you to dig deeper into the Bible for yourself and discover even more."

"Mike's two year journey through the New Testament has been awesome! Its great bible teaching! But the most transformative part for me has been hearing him teach everyday. Hearing how he communicates. After about a year in the process it finally happened. I understood how to communicate effectively. The formation has happened in the repetition."

Anton Fero (husband, father, church planter)

"Listening to Mike’s cheery greeting and brilliantly accessible devotional challenges each morning is the fresh bread and jam of our scripture readings each morning!"

Christine Hughes (attorney, wife & mother)

"Really looking forward to this next season of Mike's devotions as he concentrates on the heroic journeys of biblical characters. Imagine the impact when fellow disciples see their lives unfolding in the same ways, the wisdom and insights from ancient stories of believers come to life in profound relevency. Imbedded in the fabric of our one and only life is a hope it may eventually turn out to have been a heroic journey of faith. Time to learn from those who have trod that path before us."

Brian Hughes (Pastor, husband & father)